Google vs Facebook


At the Google campaigns are created by keywords, where the user searches for a certain keyword and if your ad has keywords that match the search, it will be displayed to this user, it is a more objective campaign for people with the intention of the solution.


  • The tool is extremely useful, as it allows you to approach the customer when he is focused on finding a solution to his problem.

When searching for a product, the person demonstrates that they want to know more information about it, in addition to getting offers.

Another important point is that Google crosses the information collected in all other user searches to profile each one and thus ensure that the right advertisement will appear to the right person.


  • The cost of a campaign on Google requires a little more money compared to Facebook.


At the Facebook you advertise through targeting, optimizing the campaign to reach the audience you target, you can target your ad by age, gender, interests, location. to your audience.


  • Facebook is now the largest social network in the world.
  • In Brazil alone, 127 million people have profiles on the network – more than half of the country's population.
  • This makes the network a champion in audience, and this is the main advantage of its advertising.


  • While Facebook is ideal for impacting a large audience, it doesn't give us guarantees that whoever views the ad is ready to buy.

That's because the service delivers ads by interruption, which means that advertising content appears in the gap between one friend's posts and another.

Thus, everyone who is browsing can be impacted, even though, in most cases, the ad view does not guarantee the purchase or even the click.

Final considerations about advertise on Google or Facebook:

On Google, you advertise to people with purchase intent, and on Facebook, you arouse purchase intent.

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