Check out 5 tips to promote your products on social media.

According to Global Web Index, a company specializing in research, Latin America is a world champion in the use of social networks. Every day, people spend an average of 212 minutes on the media.

And what does that mean?

It means that social networks have taken on a crucial role in human relationships, both personal and professional.

From shopping habits to socializing, the media are certainly the darlings of the public to interact, meet new people and brands and, of course, shop.

That's why, if you're a digital entrepreneur, you can't ignore the potential of social media to promote and sell your products.

You probably already know the basic use of these media, but you need to have an overview of them so that you can later define which ones are best for your business.

Our agency works with the management of social networks, where we offer complete services for managing your company's social networks. In this service we take care of the creation of relevant content for your audience, such as: art creation, subtitles, search by hastags. Anyway, everything a post needs to be well prepared, if you want to know the service, see available plans.

But if you have time and prefer to get your hands dirty, let's go!


Despite its constant updates and limited content delivery (only 1% to 2% of its followers receive their posts organically), Facebook is still the social network with the most users in the world.

Because it is widely used by many people, it is a powerful tool to make online sales.

With Facebook, you can publicize the launch of your products, deliver relevant content to your followers, open a channel to support customers and even make sales.

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic boosts results through targeting the target audience, in addition to other targeting options such as: city, gender, age, etc. It's a paid way to get customers for your business, both on Facebook and Instagram.


Through the Facebook Marketplace (Free), you can advertise products, insert photos, features and tags so that your ad can be found through searches.

Note: On the Facebook Marketplace it is possible to advertise only products, service ads, which are generally not approved or are quickly excluded from the platform, for infringing ad rules.

Buying and Sales Groups

Through Facebook groups (Free), you can advertise your products and services to different regions, just look for the ideal groups to advertise. Remember before making your ad it is important to pay attention to the group's rules.

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