That social networks are a golden opportunity for companies, this is a fact! What some entrepreneurs don't actually know is how to work these platforms to have tangible results in their business!

Do you know what are the biggest benefits and undisputed reasons to ensure your company's presence on social media? In today's article, we've separated 5 amazing reasons why you should already be present in these channels! Come on?!

1. Increase brand visibility

The biggest advantage of your business being on social media is to increase brand visibility. Today, the new consumer seeks a lot of information on the web, and social networks (and the way your company relates to people on these channels) have become one of the main sources of information. It is common for them to seek information about, behind the scenes, products, services, thus creating a certain confidence in the company.

This directly influences the purchase decision. Put yourself in the consumer's shoes: what care do you have when buying a product or hiring a ticket service and complexity similar to what you sell?

A brand that relates well with its customers, prospects and followers ends up increasing its reach and visibility, stimulating even more trust among other people who are not yet involved in its business.

2. Create trust and good relationships

As social media allow this proximity to your consumer and prospect, you can take the opportunity to create a relationship of trust and loyalty with people. Today, customer loyalty is essential.
There are a huge number of companies that sell the same solutions to customer problems, and your audience needs to be loyal so that you continue to profit from constant sales.

Today, this loyalty is created through the trust you generate with your audience and the good relationship. If well worked out, these two points can result not only in loyalty but also in a greater number of referrals from new customers by satisfied consumers.

3. Have better insights for your business

You can leverage social media to gain insights for improving your business. The platforms allow two-way communication and, at that moment, you can hear better what your customers and potential customers have to say about your business.

And, of course, who better than your own audience to say what is expected of your company, your products, your services, what are your strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve your business?

And don't forget: complaints are always welcome — and shouldn't be seen as a threat! After all, with them, we were able to discover how to improve and differentiate ourselves from our competitors, right?

4. Know your audience better

Before planning digital marketing actions, you need to analyze your audience. At this time, it is common to carry out the personas study, in which we seek complete concrete information about the ideal consumer profiles for your company.

With social networks, it is possible to find even more valuable information about these people and how they behave when buying. That's why social media is an amazing way to get to know your audience better.

5. Provide two-way communication

Contrary to what traditional media provide, social networks allow the company to speak directly with consumers and that these can also speak directly and in real time with the companies.

This provides a much more intense, close contact that can bring several benefits to the company, such as increased sales, if the opportunity is used correctly.

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